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Oriental Contemporary

Concept Styled Shoot

Concept and Floral: Fellow Folks

Frames: Nicole (@supercolerolls )

Second Eye: Thomas (@tinkytee )

Video: Jessica (@wemerrygoround )

Cakes: Cupplets (@cupplets )

Space + Mural: Cupplets Creatives(@cuppletscreatives )

Face + Hair: Cadee (@makeupmaestrowedding )

Paper Flower: Pei Li (@8_dec / @pei_per_flower )

Jewellery, Something Borrowed: Revelation Jewelry Co. (@revelationjewelryco )

Jewellery, Something New: Frost Jewellery (@frostjewel )

Gowns: Grace Atelier Wedding (@graceatelierweddingssg )

QiPao: Hua Yin (@huayinsilk )


You can also read about the Design Thought and Process behind this shoot via our Blog

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