or some called it 'preferred vendors'

in this arduous journey and the stresses we face in our job, we are glad to have meet people who we now call friends (or friendor). They are an individuals, sometimes a team, with great enthusiasm and fun-loving spirits that we enjoy and love working with. Beyond that, they have been showering and providing the Folks with great love and support.



"I can't give you much, but I can give you a piece of myself and preserve a piece of you. You’ve written your story. Let me illustrate them in photographs for you"

Photographer ,  Supercolerolls

"I remember being deeply touched by a photo of a groom tearing and that softens my perspective of love which gives me so much hope. It had really opened my heart to believe that there’s still love in this world. I hope I can do the same for the people that I have worked with and those who have seen the pictures that I've taken.

shooting feelings, always."

Photographer ,  Justrealle


"I enjoy a photography style that is cinematic, subtle and whimsical. Instead of words, documenting snippets of life encounters through photography have always been a part of me. I believe the people you meet and the places you go to always have a deeper story beyond those transient instances."

Photographer ,  Lens of Mira

"Armed with his first camera affectionately named 'Mira' and his desire to captured the most genuine expression of this subjects. Brandon aims to capture you in your rawest moments (on in his words, 'moments you can look back and smile fondly') with a flair of his personal touches. With a grateful heart, Brandon promise to go the extra miles to ensure quality work and one with lots of love"

Photographer ,  Smitten Pixels

"Photography has been the biggest part of my life.


It has immortalised all of the fleeting moments of my life; of a time and space where everything was right where it was meant to be. Memories get blurred between the pages of the mind, and the photos I've taken through my life has pieced these fragments of what i struggle to feel into permanence, and this is something I hold onto dearly."



Wedding Planner, Arches & Co.

"If the guests at your wedding matter to you more than anything else, we'd love to be a part of your special day! I always tell couples this — When you focus on the guest experience, everything will take care of itself, because truth is - people will never forget how you make them feel. Forget about having an instagrammable wedding, let's focus on creating memories that will last a lifetime instead"



Cake Artist

"a small artisanal bakery dedicated to dealing with desserts and customized bake goods. Our designs are mainly inspired by painting, nature and flowers. We believe in recreating art through sight and emotions. We strive to continue to inspire and be inspired by our surroundings."



Calligrapher + Designer

Mylin Design & Co. 

"I always have a curious personality and I seek inspirations through the things I experience in my everyday life. As an individual who is amazed by how imaginations can be transformed into meaningful designs, I strive to deliver beautiful and meaningful works that can bring about positive impacts and connections to the people I serve"


Make Up Artist

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