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Blissful Brides Magazine: 2020 Edition

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Being presented with the theme of "Bohemian Chic" by the team of Blissful Brides got our head cracking. Everyone will be familiar with the colour palettes and selections of floral and foliage leading to the theme - pampas grass, preserved palm leaves, wooden arches and macramé; however very few has explore beyond the "norms". Hence, with this shoot we aim to steer away from conventional ideas, stretching the boundaries of "Bohemian Chic" through playful use of textures, line and an alternative colour palette in delivering this concept and theme.

We were thrilled to know that both Shane and Kimberly will be on board with us as the faces of the Blissful Brides Magazine. Beyond just pretty sets we hope to create a more personalised set-up and decor just for the two of them, something that they are able to relate themselves with - celebrating their love and journey.

We hope to bring in authenticity of the couple's free spirited energy and the flexibility of modernity within these sets. We orchestrated 2 different concepts, using textures from fresh blooms to dried palm leaves. The incorporation of different cloth gradients and selections of furniture liven up the atmosphere and accentuated the essence of the Bohemian Cmhic look.

We are grateful to have both Cupplets (@cupplets) and Mylin Design Co. (@mylindesignco) onboard with us, and more importantly helping us to turn our ideas into reality, tying all the details together in place.


One of the main highlights of the shoot included the acrylic pieces lined in white ink outlining the facial features of the couple.

Each silhouette was hand-drawn by Mylin on acrylic sheets of two different sizes. Each acrylic piece represent the couple and their differences. Placed in front of one another and nose-to-nose, it imitated an intimate position of almost a kiss, or an embrace.


It is no doubt that Cupplets would be the to-go-for cake artist to be part of this shoot. In the initial stage of conceptualisation and design for this shoot, we came across an unconventional design of a wedding cake in the shape of a rock.

"How perfect", I thought.

We were super grateful to be able to share the vision with them, and embraced their designs within our decor. In fact, it was so much more than what we had expected it to be.

Each of these cakes featured a rock-like finishing with their signature wafer flowers, hand painted and dusted by Samantha.



The Folks had also put together a lounge setting, hoping to create a simpler and cosy vibe, incorporating a texture we are familiar with - Rattan, within the set up. The touch of pleated benches also added a contemporary touch and 'edge' to the overall setting.

We did a quick turn over, keeping things really simple to a minimal set up, focusing primarily on textures and details.


Moments in Between

We love frames of moments in between the shoot, capturing random laughters, side eyes and love in the air. Here are some frames by One Kind (

Not forgetting the guys at DeeTee Films who did such an amazing job with the video, and captured the interactions, dynamic and details of this shoot, all within a 30 seconds video.


Conceptualisation + Styling: Fellow Folks

Magazine: Blissful Bride Magazine (@blissfulbridesmag)

Official Frames: iki Company (@ikicompany)

Videographer: DeeTee Films (@deeteefilms)

Cake: Cupplets (@cupplets)

Acrylic Silhouette & Stationery: Mylin Design Co. (@mylindesignco)

Venue: Another Studio (@anotherstudiosg)

Frames of Moments Between: One Kind Co. (

Models: Shane Pow (@shanepowxp) + Kimberly (@ohhowstrange)

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