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Celebrating Milestone: #ChilingLoft

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

"For a relationship to stay alive, love alone is not enough. Without imagination, love stales into sentiment, duty, boredom. Relationships fail not because we have stopped loving but because we first stopped imagining."

- James Hillman


Love is a funny four letter word. At its best, it inspires and brings joy to those in love. At its worse, it provokes and saddens during the rough times. However each time our heart breaks, we pick ourselves off the floor and fall in love all over again as we know there's no other feeling that makes us feel as alive like love. That's why when CF and Shul's first wedding anniversary approached, we were inspired to celebrate this special milestone of being a newlywed and recognise the effort in their shared journey.


The Idea Behind

From two independent individuals to navigating life together, the style shoot was designed to celebrate their commitment to each other as a loving couple. The cherry on the cake? The shoot also marks their house warming as they move into a new home together.

It's been said that a house is not a home unless love lives in it and so we shot on location at their "love nest" – a unit within a new HDB estate in the West. The décor was planned for an intimate and warm dinner party for their close friends and family. We approached the shoot with the intention to demonstrate how an existing living space can be transformed into something extraordinary for both day and night, through the use of clever details and floral décor.

The moodboard was inspired by the actual colours of their space and a classy elegant palette that still felt fresh and young. The event flow mirrors the actual space and divided into 4 main areas: Entrance, Living Space, Dining Hall and Room.



As the first glimpse of their home, we wanted guests to be greeted with a welcome banner that would reflect the couple's style taste and their growth together as a family. A modern and unconventional take on monogram design, the banner features a silhouette drawing of CF and Shul, with their two fur babies.

To further emphasize their journey in the first year, a short heartfelt poem was written in script to add an organic touch:

Of all the adventures I’ve had this far

Living this life with you

Cherishing the calm and

Braving the storms

Brings meaning to life anew

Fun fact: The long flowy skirt as worn by Shul was actually her original bridal gown repurposed and dyed to create a look that works for both everyday and special occasions. It was the perfect nod to their one year down the aisle!


Living Space

The living space as a fun challenge for us! As most living rooms function as a TV entertainment center, we wanted to create a welcoming environment for their guests that feels cosy and where conversations can be intimate and real. Instead of relying on technology as a distraction during events, we actually strategically concealed the TV console behind an organic balloon garland. By using décor and floral to transform the space, we maximized the existing layout and created a warm environment where any type of event can be hosted at and guests feel like they can genuinely connect.


Dining Hall

For the table set-up, we aimed to create a set-up that was accessible and "could be done by all". We were very fortunate to get our hands on such beautiful seasonal floral and have that as the starting point for the rest of the table top. With careful pairing of colours inspired by the moodboard, we experimented and had fun with texture and scale for the tablescape. We also have the vases painted (in collaborative effort with The Rain in Spain) to complement the table runner that tied the whole look together.

We were grateful to have Mylin (@mylindesignco) create triangular placemats with terrazzo prints to complement the colours of the vases and table runner. It adds a spruce of fun between the spaces with the little pop of colour and unusual shape. For the name placecards, we decided to use egg shells because – why not? The unusual choice of materials ensures its unique and especially in a home setting, it brings the party to the next level and allows each guest to feel included!

A popular choice at events is the grazing table. Grazing tables encourage guests to walk around and help themselves to the food which encourages interaction and conversation.

Having such a setting allows for a relaxed and informal feel to the party, especially if there’s champagne and wine involved! With a simple grazing table of cheeses, fruits and assorted french pastries, it's impossible to go wrong at any party.



When the party flows well, sparks fly and you might feel the need for a quiet intimate corner to continue the conversation. Using one of their rooms, we transformed it to a smaller party space with some disco balls and party lights. Add a handful of confetti and great whisky, it's all about “business in the front, after-party in the back”!


Frames in Between


We hope that this style shoot encourages you to re-think your current home and how it can be creatively transformed to become an extraordinary event space. It's also a reminder to take the time to appreciate and celebrate the milestones in life, especially with family and friends as at the end of the day, it's all about this wonderful little feeling call Love!


Concept - Arches & Co (@archesandco) x Fellow Folks (@fellowfolks)

Planning & Coordination - Michelle (@archesandco)

Styling & Floral - Fellow Folks (@fellowfolks)

Photographer - Brandon (@lensofmira)

Fabric Banner, Placemat & Calligraphy - Mylin (@mylindesignco)

Hair & Face - Dawn Yeo (@mua.dawnyeo)

Poem - Alma (@almaaltamis)

Hair Accessory - Talia (@talia_sg)

Jewellery - Andy Accessory (@andyaccessory)

Bodysuit & Bralette - Perk by Kate (@perkbykate)

Couple - Shu Ling (@shuls.hua) & Chin Feng (@tanchinfeng)

Venue - Couple's home (#chilingloft)


Vases in collaborative effort with The Rain in Spain (@the_raininspain)

Skirt repurposed from wedding gown by Caramel & Co. (@caramelcompany)

Balloon Backdrop with support from Balloon Blasters (@balloonblasters)

Pastries from Carpenter & Cook (@carpenterandcook)

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